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Gems™ Sensors & Controls is a leading manufacturer of a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow sensors, pressure switches & sensors, miniature solenoid valves, solid-state electronics and fluidic systems. Decades of application engineering experience has given Gems the knowledge required to deliver tailored products that measure up to today’s most sophisticated and critical applications. Working around the world with global resources, and to exact customer application and manufacturing requirements, products from Gems Sensors & Controls are used in almost every industry from medical to waste water treatment, semiconductor fabrication to off-highway vehicles and HVACR to food and beverage.

Gems Medical Sciences

Serving the Medical industry for more than 20 years, Gems Medical Sciences turns fluid handling science into an art. From our extensive IP portfolio and experience we work with you to deliver the results that matter—on time and on budget.

Oil & Gas

Rugged applications require the kind of reliable solutions that Gems Sensors provides for harsh environments in Oil and Gas. Over decades, customers in this large and growing industry have depended upon Gems Sensors for their rigorous sensing and control needs.

Alternative Energy

Leading edge fluid sensing switches, transducers and control devices from Gems deliver the accuracy and reliability needed to help meet the rapidly growing demand for economical and reliable wind energy.

Off-Highway Vehicles

Gems brings a unique understanding of sophisticated OHV applications, and delivers fluid sensors that measure up to the most critical requirements. A broad range of pressure, level, and flow technologies have been designed specifically for OHV fluid sensing and control.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

The microscopic topography of today’s silicon circuits, demand the cleanest manufacturing facilities on earth. We design liquid level, flow and pressure sensors to meet those stringent requirements. Gems fields a special semiconductor sensor team for your critical needs.

Process Tank Gauging

Measuring, monitoring and controlling the liquid and gas contents of tanks has been a staple of Gems’ expertise for more than 50 years. We offer a variety of methods to monitor tanks from both inside and outside of the vessel. Whether it is local visual indication or remote level transmitting, Gems has a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Marine & Shipboard Service

Gems marine sensors are built rugged to accommodate harsh conditions including turbulent liquids, liquids containing foreign material, liquid interfaces, high temperature and high-pressure fluids. Our products carry many related MIL, Commercial and Marine approvals.

Boiler Control

For more than 50 years Warrick® Controls have offered dependable no-moving-parts control and monitoring of conductive liquids. For boilers and water control, Warrick® conductivity sensors and controls continue to offer reliability, process automation, labor savings, flexibility and operator safety at economical cost.

Water/Wastewater Processing

Gems specializes in a wide array of sensors and control devices for every area of water and wastewater treatment plants. We’ve earned a solid reputation for accuracy and dependability in industries that require reliable instrumentation products.

Working together with our sales and engineering resources will help you to solve your most challenging application problems. Whether it’s modifying a standard component, working with your design or creating a completely new sensor, control or system, our goal is to produce a quality product that is cost effective, minimizes complexity, and improves the overall value and performance of your equipment.

Supporting our customers with the best product solution while reducing time to market is our number one goal.

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